Thanks Matt. January 2014
Thanks Lisa ! Paul Rogers design. December 2013.
 Had fun with this lily, thanks Chris. December 2013.
Thank you for sitting so well Rasmus! Look forward to doing more for you. November 2013.
Thanks Hamish, stoked i got to tattoo one of these! November 2013.
Thanks Belinda. November 2013.
Sorry about the blurry and bloody. Thanks Danielle. November 2013
Sailor Jerry design for Dave. Thanks mate. November 2013.
Mash of Jailor Serry images. Thanks Steve. November 2013.
Freehand Rose. Sorry but forgotten their name. Thank you though ! November 2013.
Thanks Theon. November 2013. 
Thanks Brad. Fun tattoo. November 2013.
Redrawn Sailor Jerry. Thanks Dave. November 2013
Thanks Jeremy. November 2013.
Paint I did for a Exhibition at Outré Gallery. Mandala and border built up on layers of foam board. Liquid acrylics and Posca pens. Inner frame/matt board/outer frame and glass done by Pete at Art Presentations, Claremont.
I have given this one to a friend and being the first time I have ever done anything like this I made a LOT of mistakes so learning from them I want to do some more. I have one commissioned already but if anyone else is interested email me at chrisrigonitattooer@hotmail.comThis and future ones are roughly 800mmx800mm (2ft8inx2ft8inch) in size. no problem doing bigger but wouldn’t go much smaller.