Thanks River. March 2014.
Thanks Rachel. Lines/black/dots healed from a year ago. March 2014.
Thanks Tenielle. March 2014
Thanks Matt. Top fresh, rest healed. March 2014
Skull healed, Plug fresh. Thanks Darragh. March 2014. 
Healed. Thanks Darragh. March 2014
Thanks Rasmus. March 2014.
Thanks Molly. Fins/lines/dots healed. Head and shell wash fresh. March 2014
Thanks Laura. Half healed, half fresh. March 2014. 
Thanks Andrew. Healed. March 2014
Thank you Natalie. WIP. March 2014.
Thank you Brodie. February 2014
Thanks Caitlyn. Had fun ! February 2014
Half healed half fresh. Cover up. Thanks Courtney. February 2014
Thanks Darragh. Bottom half of skull healed. January 2014